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Audio and video products


At our store, HD Electronic Services, we devote energy and attention to providing high quality audio and video products that will meet your every need. With years of experience in the field, we offer sophisticated solutions to enhance your audio and visual experience.

On our shelves you will find high-performance products, such as remote controls of all types for well-known brands such as LG, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, SONY, AIR CONDITION, programmable for set-top boxes. We also have terrestrial and satellite antennas, receivers, cables for every need (antenna, HDMI, RCA, SCART, ETHERNET, AUDIO), relay devices (TP-LINK, EXTENDER, USB WI-FI), PC peripherals (mouse, USB stick, keyboards, headphones, etc.).

In addition, we have TV stands for every type, central amplifiers, splitters, LNBs, and batteries in all variants (alkaline, micro, lithium, rechargeable, alarm).

At HD Electronic Services, we are not limited to just offering products, but also provide expert advice and high quality services. Our team is always happy to help, while our prices remain competitive.

Trust us to upgrade your online experience. HD Electronic Services - When quality meets reliability!